A Fast Simple & Reliable Palm Oil Analysis System

PalmOilTester is a fast, simple and reliable testing system for crude or refined palm oil that enables the determination of acidity (FFA),DOBI & carotene content, the values ofperoxide (PV), anisidine (AnV) and iodine(IV). With its simplicity, PalmOilTester is ideal to be used during every production stages in palm oil industry to monitor the quality of oil in real time, from the oil mill to the refinery plant, during the acceptance and storage phases, as well as during trading of finished products.

System Overview

PalmOilTester is constituted by:

  • A thermostated analyzer based on photometric technology that uses solid-state emitters.
  • A set of reagents prepared by CDR research laboratories.Reagents are supplied in bottles with a shelf life of one year. Furthermore, plastic cuvettes are supplied.
  • Pipettes with fixed calibration to ensure a correct collection of samples and an accurate dosing of reagents.
  • Print Manager: software that enables the analyzer to be connected to a PC in order to store and print the results of chemical tests.
  • User manual.
  • Illustrated data sheets.
  • DVD with filmed methods.

Features And Benefits


Test results are available in few minutes.

  • Acidity (FFA) in 1 minute
  • Peroxide Value (PV) in 4 minutes
  • DOBI & carotene content in 6 minutes
  • Iodine Value (IV) in 2 minutes
  • Anisidine Value (AnV) in 2 minutes


To run a test, it merely involves several simple


1. Add in exact amount of sample to the cuvette by using a pipette.

2. Homogenize it.

3. Initiate the test and result is available in few minutes.

4. Results are printed by a built-in printer.

At the end of test, there is no washing of containers, testing instrumentation or quartz cuvettes required. No additional equipment is necessary.

Minimizes Waste

As compared to official methods, it also minimizes waste, uses reagents with low toxicity and micro quantities of samples as it is.

Calibration Free

Unlike NIR and other photometric systems, it does not require complex calibration operations because it is supplied pre-calibrated. It is however possible to perform quick customized calibrations easily.


PalmOilTester owes its high sensitivity, accuracy and reliability to: photometric technology that uses solid-state emitters, the digital signals processing, the possibility of aligning the system with reference standards and samples with known titration value, and the availability of reading and incubation cells thermostated at 37°C.

Correlated with AOCS/MPOB methods

Several comparative studies have demonstrated that the analytical accuracy of PalmOilTester matches that of referenced AOCS/MPOB methods, with the advantages that PalmOilTester is easier to use and outputs results much faster.


PalmOilTester comes with illustrated operational sheets and filmed test methods that help the user to be certain about the system practicability.

PalmOilTester Method

Acidity (FFA)

  • This testing method is simpler and faster as compared to the official method.
  • it guarantees high levels of accuracy and sensitivity, and is able to detect differences down to 0.01% of palmitic/lauric acid.
  • Unlike NIR systems, this method does not require calibration. Result are output in 1 minute.

Peroxide Value

  • This testing method is simpler and faster when compared to titration used in the official method.
  • The amount of reagent required is much smaller than the one used with the official method.
  • The reagents used have a low toxicity, unlike those employed in the official method that are highly toxic and polluting.
  • Results are output in 4 minutes.

Anisidine Value

  • This testing method is easier and faster as compared ti the official method. It takes only 3 minutes for each test.
  • It does not require dedicated instrumentation and technical staff.
  • It does not involve handling of highly toxic reagents.

Iodine Value

  • This is a valid screening test. It is easier and faster as compared to the official method.
  • It does not require glassware.
  • It involves small smount of low-toxic reagents when compared to official method requires a large amount of very toxic and polluting reagents.

DOBI & Carotene Content

  • This testing method is easier and faster as compared to the official method.
  • It does not require complex and expensive intrumentation.
  • It does not involve toxic reagents.
  • It does not require glassware,
  • It detects two important parameters, for crube palm oil quality, by doing a single test.