The Quick Easy and Accurate Way to Verify Carat of Precious Metals.

Suitable for :

Jewelry industry , Jewelry shop , Bank , Pawn shop , Gold and Precious Metal research lab.
MH-300K can show the gold karat and density directly by testing the gold-sliver-copper alloy. And according to the market demand, by adopting the special design of software, the machine will show “HI” when the gold karat is higher than 24K, and show “LO” when gold karat is lower than 9K.
The maximum weight
Weighing Range
Weighing precision
Density precision
●Can show directly the karat, density, purity of Gold, purity% and density of platinum, density of other metals.
●No stains and scratches left on sample after testing.
●Only 10 seconds, it can measure karat and density of gold, or purity% and density of platinum (Pt).
●The operation is simple, only two weighing steps, the purity and density of precious metals and gold karat can be showed directly.
●It’s suitable for solid metals with no precious stones.
●Based on the marketing demand, special software was designed. The value of “HI” and “LO” can be set by users freely.
●It will show “HI” when the value is higher than upper limit, and show “LO” when the value is lower than low limit.
●It can be used for testing the density of other precious metals, such as silver, copper, tin and so on. And it also can be used as general weighing balance.